Lower Body Wall Pilates<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4923

Lower Body Wall Pilates
Amy Havens
Class 4923

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Alex yes you absolutely use a pillow!
Maria B
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Thank you so much! Although it was difficult to find an empty wall it was worth it!!!!
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Nice way to start my day! Didn't know the wall could be so useful
Carol K
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Amy, This is another masterfully instructed class. You are wonderful in your delivery and superior knowledge of anatomy. Much gratitude to you as always. Best, Carol
Caroline S
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The shoulder stretch at the end against the wall was amazing, really needed that. Loved this class, thank you!
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Thank you so much Maria B Kav Maharaj Carol K Caroline S !!  Glad you enjoyed this class at the wall.  It's pretty amazing how useful a simple wall can be!
Ann P
Continually got an error loading this video - wasn't able to watch. Changed browsers as well. 
Thank you so much for that refreshing class.  Another way/tool to feel and work  our proprioception.  You guide us clearly and share with us your feelings.  I really appreciate.  
Such an interesting class!  Thanks so much, Amy.
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