Lengthening Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 495

Lengthening Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 495

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This website is the absolute best!!! Each class is awesome. Your studio is so beautiful. I look forward each morning to a great workout and a relaxing view. Since I don't live at the beach this is the next best thing!
Fun class indeed. I usually don't like standing pilates much but this one I felt working. When doing 2 sided work, pls. pls. tell us how many reps to do on each side. It will help us stay even (important in pilates) and focused inspite of the digressions.
Thanks ladies. Pele, that is not one of my strong suits but I will try harder. I appreciate your feedback!
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Great class Meredith! I felt like I had a great workout!
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Meredith , that was so nice to hear at the beginning about your client gaining 2 inches! Thats just so inspiring. I go for my follow up bone density later this year and while I have not lost anything in height I am hoping to see improvements in my density numbers. I have osteopenia..so my Pilates is so important.. TY for the reminders of why this is such wonderful work! Great class by the way! Jamie
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To my dismay, I found out I had osteoporosis, despite being a Pilates instructor for several years. And though I really tried not to do those things that are contraindicted, which I never let my students do, I found myself doing them from time to time. I was diagnosed two years ago, and just got my bone density reports back for this year. I no longer have osteoporosis or penia! I'm off the drugs, and only take calcium and D3. I was ecstatic when I found out!
So Meredith, it's true, it does make you taller! Also, I love this class, and the realness of it. If you can't laugh and have fun with your workout, those all important endorphins will not kick in!
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Hey Meredith, I remember the wonder twins!! And I totally "got" that cue! thanks!! ;0)
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Meredith, you kicked my butt! I took your spine corrector yesterday and this one today and my abs totally gave up. I love it!
Thanks girls! So happy you liked it! To you ladies with osteoporosis/osteopenia be sure to check out Rebekka Ronstein Pilates for Buff Bones! She already has a couple of classes here and is teaching again this weekend. Her newest workshop/classes should be up on site soon. She is fantastic!
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thank you again!
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