Athletic Reformer Workout
Maria Leone
Class 4976

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Wow!  What an amazing workout in a short period of time.  I love the balance challenges and my entire body feels great after all that hard work!  Thank you for an excellent workout Maria!
What a great class! I love the flow and creative variations! I know I’ll come back to this class!
Thanks so much for the amazing class. I LOVE your cueing and how you give everyone the freedom to do any modifications. 
This class is badass! Love these creative variations. Would love some more of these :)
What an amazing class!
I absolutely loved that workout! A challenging, yet fun series of exercises!! Thank you!
Amazing class. Creative. i loved the Wild Thing Variation Pose!
One of the best teachers!!
Love this fun, energetic class. Love your variations and clear cueing style. Really work up a sweat in just 40mins! Hope to see more of Maria!
Wow what a challenging fun class, loved all the yoga variations and balance options. Quite a challenging class.  Thank you so Much Maria
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