Athletic Reformer Workout
Maria Leone
Class 4976

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Wow! That was great! I got sweaty. I love how you repeated exercises. Thank you!
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Great class, so creative and challenging! 
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Great class! I definitely have some things to work on! Will be taking this several times.
thank you grate class.
Thanks Maria! Another fun class, as always!
I really enjoyed getting on my hands so much in this class as well as my feet.  excellent pace and teaching cues!!! Thank you!
Well, that was all kinds of wonderful! I learned no fewer than 12 new variations. Thanks Maria! 
Loved it! Fun and challenging, very creative and really needed the balancing poses too!  Thank you:D!!
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Absolutely outstanding class, amazing teacher 
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I’ve done this twice and it’s probably my fave class yet…. And I’ve done LOADS. 
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