Power Abs and Leg Circuit<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 5005

Power Abs and Leg Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 5005

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Amazing! So hard. Love the heavy weights. Courtney your cueing was super strong and even though I’ve heard these cues a million times they ALWAYS help me get more out of the workout. So THANK YOU. Loved the tip about the middle of the tailbone being anchored. THANKS FOR ALL THESE NEW WORKOUTS. I never get tired of seein a new Courtney workout.
Whoa, that was a good one!  Thank you Courtney!!!
Love the Pilates/gym workout blend.
I love this series! This is another terrific addition, great energy, great cues, flow, and challenge!
Mel H
Amazing amazing amazing Thankyou, I loved the extra weight work, nice to add that bit extra to my Pilates workout to amp it up 😍
Courtney Miller Hi Courtney, I have seen you work on many different reformers, which one would you recommend buying? Thank you
Loved this soo much🙏❤️
Hi Cortney amazing class thank you
Great class!
Challenging class great workout! 🙏
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