Close the Loop<br>Joy Puleo<br>Class 5059

Close the Loop
Joy Puleo
Class 5059

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This class is a game changer-even for a Pilates veteran like me. Exactly what I needed (today) Thanks Joy!
Another tutorial like class which is great as the others; thank you so much JOY
Thanks, enjoyed as a stretch as been cycling everyday, so great whole body stretch. 
Loved this class . Thank you. Excellent work. 
Joy P
So glad you are all enjoying. Any questions do not hesitate to reach out
Love this moving tutorial like like class. Awesome class and feels so good!! Thank you!!!!😊😊
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Wonderful class. Loved the prep work. A little older now and find the extension work challenging. Great cueing
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This was FANTASTIC!  Loved it all!
Lina S
Nice instructive class! Great cueing and use of imagery.
Angela T
lovely class! thank you, Joy
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