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Joy Puleo
Class 5059

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Velma Davis-Wheeler
Thank you Joy. Great class. I appreciate the guide to breaking down the 3 challenging pilates movements. I look forward to using the tips for the upper thoracic extension, which is difficult for many patients and clients. 
Great class - all three moves suddenly made sense and seemed easier!
Jacquie W
Thanks, Joy! I felt like your cues for the teaser were really helpful!
Mim S
the teaser explanation was one big AHA moment for me, what a great explanation! Also loved the attention to breath and its interplay with movement. Thanks!
Julie Lloyd
Brilliant class, thank you. I love the focus on three moves with full progression like this. 
Why is this video's teacher  said to be BASI
Well taught class but hearing  Joy say "no judgements"  shows me she never  trained with Carola Trier!! 
Thank you for letting us know Joan. That was an error on our part and we have corrected it.
Helena M
Loved this class! The instruction and cueing made a huge difference to how the exercise feels. Thank you!
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