Upper Body Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 5087

Upper Body Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 5087

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Yowser!!! Fantastic!!!
Atsuko M
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Loved this class. Feel totally relaxed after a long busy day. Thank you!!
Niedra Gabriel
Atsuko M and Diane C awesome that you enjoyed. 
Joann B
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Fantastic class thank you !
Laurie P
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Thanks, Niedra, this class saved me. I was so tight in my upper body and this class took care of the tension and tight muscles. :)
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Absolutely love this class!  It really is a body changer. Thank you!!
Sue S
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Super class as always, thank yo so much!
Niedra Gabriel
Sue S glad you enjoyed it Sue.
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I can't tell you how good your fascia videos are for my connective tissue disease. Your videos hurt so bad, but are so good. Without these fascia releases, I would lose most of my mobility. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Laura so happy to know that this work is helping you. Keep up with your practices, ultimately we all must take care of ourselves.
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