Day 4: Feel the Length<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5090

Day 4: Feel the Length
Laura Hanlon
Class 5090

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9am UK time for a wonderful stretch class to set you up for the day.  Looking forward to tomorrow all energised.
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This was inspired program planning - providing a beautiful complimentary class to beat any cumulative mental or physical fatigue. Refreshed for Day 5 now! Thank you
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Really enjoying this challenge and my body rejoiced during this thank you! 
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Another nice class. Perfect to start my day.
Colin G
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Just what I needed. Thank you.
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Thanks Laura- great stretch class yet definitely worked the arms and abs!
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Great workout with the Theraband. I really feel stretched out. Thank you, Laura.
Laura Maria
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great feeling during and after class!
Jill Y
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Hi Laura, I just wanted to tell u how much I love ur classes. I’ve taken a few of them, you are such a great teacher. Are you going to don’t to teach here on Pilates Anytime? I hope so!! Thanku again for sharing your gift with us♥️Jill
Thank you for the kind comment Jill Y !
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