Day 4: Feel the Length<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5090

Day 4: Feel the Length
Laura Hanlon
Class 5090

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Amy S
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I so like this challenge...looking forward to more!
Cynthia G
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I am so enjoying these classes and your teaching. Thanks
Gisela G
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Great class and great series overall!
Waller M
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Such a good feel-good workout! Lengthening and uplifting. Love it hope to revisit regularly. 
Katie P
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Thank you! Great mix of sculpt and stretch :)
Gianna  A
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I loved this stretch class, I definitely needed it today! The mentioning of the core throughout the whole video was great, and is so essential to deepening stretches especially in the legs, hips and back.
Coral S
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I really felt the length through this whole class! I especially enjoyed the pelvic press with the band variation, could really feel my spine lengthening through each vertebra and find more articulation as well. 
Valerie B
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Love these Pilates classes Thank you so much Laura
Katie W
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After being sick for a couple days this was a great class to stretch and get my body moving again! I loved feeling the full-body movement of my legs lengthening into the band while also engaging my core and pelvis during the leg circles and legs lowering. I also loved the standing arm series at the end!
Thank you for this excellent class. I love how you keep us focused. Yes! Please offer more of your classes on Pilates Anytime!
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