Day 6: Energizing Mat<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5092

Day 6: Energizing Mat
Laura Hanlon
Class 5092

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Justine J
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Thank you Laura for an excellent series of classes. I've thoroughly enjoyed them all. You get straight into the class; your cues are clear and crisp, and I feel thoroughly worked in 40 minutes or less.
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This was challenging but fluid….definitely will try again 
Annie R
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This is a fab class - and feel so much better than did at beginning of week - wish tomorrow wasn't the last class.  Your cues are brilliant as is the work being done.  More please!!!
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I continue to work with the classes in this series. Excellent cueing, movements and pace. Thank you so much Laura and PA.
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Thanks Laura, good traditional set
Laurie P
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Laura, this was an excellent series for me as I just rejoined the platform and needed to get all those muscles working again. I think you covered them all.  Thanks! 
Thanks for another excellent class! I love the challenge and the precision! 
Good challenging class
Loved it! Perfect pace for me
Amanda S
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You are a great teacher, Laura! You bring discipline and warmth to your practice, and your smile is so sweet! 
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