Day 7: Total Body Flow<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5093

Day 7: Total Body Flow
Laura Hanlon
Class 5093

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Diane Diefenderfer
Lina S
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I've really enjoyed this challenge. Each class was unique. The focus was different. Great cueing and nice flowing practice!
A really great challenge and will repeat for the following week!
I absolutely loved this challeng, thanks so much for a great series!
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I loved this series.  Laura, you're an accomplished instructor!  Thank you!
i loved these series so much, thank you Laura
Annie R
Fabulous series with fabulous teacher!!!  More please.  Reformer please.   Thanks heaps - will be on list to repeat as a series and individual classes.
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I found this very challenging but in a good way. I’m not very familiar with reformer so had to watch the exercises first….but your queues were great and I’m going to come back to this after a few reforms classes 
Thanks for a great challenge overall, Laura! Loved the reformer on the mat at the end as that was a surprise!
Great series. Thank you Laura! 
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