Awakening Functional Mat<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5102

Awakening Functional Mat
Tom McCook
Class 5102

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Thank you so much Tom. Such an inspiration and so generous with your amazing knowledge. I teach in England but also loved simply attending this class.
Amy S
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Taking a Tom McCook class is like a complex yet very digestible casserole of movement modalities: Pilates, Yoga,  Franklin, Eldoa , AiM,,, to produce a well-balanced movement experience…
Love it!!
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Thank you both  for your  inspiring feedback! I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the new classes! Warm regards 
Pam K
Thank you - great class
Rina S
So enriching to have a new class with Tom. Thank you.
Dawn U
I have been holding my breath since early 2022 for a new Tom McCook class!  Probably something he would not endorse or encourage.  Thank you for the new classes on Pilates Anytime.
Thank you Tom! Great class. 
Pam KDawn UHung F, It’s great to be back at PilatesAnytime and thank you all for your wonderful feedback! You’re all very welcome!!😊🙏
Wonderful class. 
Tom -I've been following your classes  for years - was so glad to have these new ones.  Always inspiring and I immediately incorporate into my teachings.   with gratitiude!
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