Awakening Functional Mat<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5102

Awakening Functional Mat
Tom McCook
Class 5102

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Julie L
Tom, this was insanely good. I loved every element of this class, and feel great afterwards. There is an amazing balance of calm and intrigue throughout your choreography. I.e as a participant I feel at peace, and also very alert and interested. Thank you.  
Rina SDiane C and Karen R,
Thank you all! Great to hear your enjoying and gaining  new inspiration!!🙏
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Julie L,
Thank you! Your feedback is a perfect description of internal calm, present and connected. That’s my intention, it’s wonderful to hear we hit the mark!
Amy P
Excellent class- just what I needed after a long flight!
Lisa C
I really loved this class and how it incorporates all sorts of movement and breath that feels good and some very challenging ones too!
Amy PLisa C, great to hear your feedback, thank you! I’m happy to be of service!👊🙏
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Great class, Tom!  I love listening to your perfect cues - they are so on point.  You are such an inspiration and an amazing instructor 😊
Wow, I cud get a whole lot more of that! Absolutely loved that- the flow, the pace, the detail, intention. So wonderful. Thanks so much.
Phyllis M , Charlotte F, you so welcome! Thank you for your wonderful feedback! 👊🙏
I can't thank you enough for this class Tom.  It's my first movement practice since contracting Covid 5 days ago.  The content, the pace and the tone of your voice made this an absolute joy to take.  I feel like I have reconnected with my body again!
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