Fluid and Strong<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5111

Fluid and Strong
Tom McCook
Class 5111

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Shelley H
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Thank you so much Tom.I absolutely loved this class. Challenging but your voice is so calming and encouraging!!!Oh and i love your cheeky laugh on the hard bits!!!!!!
Dawn U
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Tom, I struggle with the jack knife and rollover.  Do you have any suggestions for me?  Love the class.  Thank you.
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Great to see you back on PA! Thanks for this lovely class, Tom :))
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Love your work on the reformer Tom! Fabulous class!! I also love the reformer class you’ve done for BCP … more please! 
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Shelley HDawn UAnne P.Monica D
Thank you all for taking the time for the class and your great feedback!
Dawn for rollover and jackknife, one option is to use either the posts behind the shoulder blocks or move the infinity bar to the other end past the headrest to hold on to. Practice the rollover this way as you’ll have more leverage nd can focus on the pelvis and lower spine. 😊🙏
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What a wonderful and smooth class. Thank you!
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Great class
Maureen GJulia D, thank you both and enjoy!😊🙏
Shona Croft
That was so great. Your calm precise cues meant I didn’t even have to LOOK the class was seamless x
Shona Croft, thank you! It’s great to hear my intention of you being able to “work in” with clarity came through!! All the best to you 🙏
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