Control and Precision
Jamie Isaac
Class 5115

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Thank you Pia K I hope to share more sessions with you
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Rena S Thank you! 
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Love this return to the classical system- when done properly it never fails to deliver a great workout, the transitions help keep the mind 100% focused! Loved it, will keep coming back when I need a solid workout.
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Nice classic strong.  Loved the tree and all the transitions!   Thank you & thank you PA
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Thank you! Really enjoyed both your Reformer classes  - nice pace and great cues 
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Wow loved the tempo and the transitions.. will put on repeat as I definitely need to improve some of those classical moves.
Malini S Thank you for joining me for this workout. Stoked you enjoyed it.
Jennifer S Thanks for working out with me and glad you liked the tree variations. 
Thank you Julia H 
Jenny D So happy you liked it. Classical exercises are super fun!
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