Wunda Chair for Stiff Backs<br>Ilaria Cavagna<br>Class 5130

Wunda Chair for Stiff Backs
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 5130

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Efigenio A 🙏🏼 Thank you!
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Love this class thanks. 🙏  
Amy S
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I 💕your variations ! 
Thank you:)
Amy S Thank you! 🙏🏼
Rachel Happy you like it!  More wunda workouts on the way! 🤗
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I loved this class.  My back feels wonderful! Thank you.
Marge T Very happy! Thank you for the feedback! Marge
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Grazie Ilaria, I learn so much from your classes and this one was no exception. Really wonderful work, thank you for sharing!
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Fabulous work for the spine, loved it just as much as the mat class (and all your other classes by the way!). Thanks a lot Ilaria :))
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