Pilates for Balance<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 5141

Pilates for Balance
Kira Lamb
Class 5141

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So many great cues! Thank you :)
Maggie R You're welcome. Thanks for taking class. 
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You are a Master with your inner body cues!! I really enjoy doing your classes.
Ruth B
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Get cueing and flow. Wish there were more balance moves. I have watched all your other videos. Great job, my abdominals thank you

Karen M Thank you so much!
Ruth B Thank you. I appreciate that feedback. .
Lina S
Great cueing. I've appreciated the cue you gave (heels, inner thighs pressing towards one another to lift the spine a little more in the saw exercise. Good idea to include standing balance work!
Garreth R
Absolutely love the inner cues. Great class. I always include balancing before or after class especially with the older clients. Thanks Kira.
So great!
Love the great cues! 
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