Pilates for Stamina<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 5142

Pilates for Stamina
Kira Lamb
Class 5142

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Ellen A
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 I love all your classes! Was excited to log on today and see you had new ones. Your instructions are excellent.
Such great verbal cueing! Thanks for all your great workouts!
Jacquie W
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Thanks, Kira! Great class. Love your positive energy.
Great cues Kira, thanks so much!
I enjoyed the break down, modified teaser. Definitely need to repeat that to get better at full teaser !
Great class and pace! Thank you Kira
Great class Kira, thank you so much for your power and focus. The movement and the strong holds were led without interruption. Meaning you spoke and moved at the same time, so many teachers need to do this. No delays. In my cue. Great work.
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This is a great class. It was my first class with you, Kira, and I loved it. I appreciate all the detailed instruction during the seamlessly connected work. Thank you!!!
McKenna R
Great class! Thank you!
Lina S
I've enjoyed the neck pull variation as well as the prone work.
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