Pilates for Stamina<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 5142

Pilates for Stamina
Kira Lamb
Class 5142

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Lynn C
I am so grateful for this series Kira. Your detail and cueing is impeccable. And the seamless flow and pace was empowering. Thank you so much!
Kara K
Great comb of stretch & core! Love your cues & exercise variations!! Thank you!
such a beautiful class, thank you kira
Annie R
Great class.  Back to basics.   More and longer please
Thank you Kira that was marvellous¡
Thanks Kira for these wonderful classes
Such a FANTASTIC class!! Really excellent pace, progressions, and cueing. Thank you so much Kira, I just loved it all!
Anne M
Fantastic class. Loved the pace and the difficulty level was spot on. Your cueing is THE BEST. Thank you!
Kira, I looove your energy! I really enjoyed this class with you! I will definitely watch it over and over again! I will look for other classes from you. Many thanks! 
Beth W
excellent verbal instructions and such a good class for intermediate students - I will repeat this often and look forward to all of your classes!
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