Pilates with a Hand Towel<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 5144

Pilates with a Hand Towel
Kira Lamb
Class 5144

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Another great class Kira!! Thank you 🙏
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Sure enjoyed your towel workout, Kira!
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Loved this class with towel, really helped me connect to my muscles, thank you Kira!
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Although labeled beginner, I have found these classes a wonderful workout due to your clear and concise instructions. Amazing how many muscles it is possible to recruit to do basic movements. Thanks.
Lina S
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This is a great class and fun too! The use of the towel really helps to recruit the back muscles.
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So stabilizing! I loved this class. Perfect to realign my body. 
Roberta H
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Fantastic class.  Great, clear instruction with attention to detail.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm so glad you enjoyed this class. 
Great class! Great way to start my day!
Great instructions Kira!  Loved the towel and the connections to proper shoulder placement. Your cues were very timely and appropriate. 
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