Hydration Mat Class<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5147

Hydration Mat Class
Sally Anderson
Class 5147

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Sally Anderson
Victoria Becka Glad it felt good V. 😍 Thanks for moving with me .. I so miss seeing you in person! xx ❤️ 
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I was in a bad mood before the class; thank you so much for raising it up; I loved the class...
Sally Anderson
Cigdem A  That is the best feedback to hear! So delighted by this, thank you 🤩 
What a FANTASTIC class! Loved it and I will doing it again and again. THANK YOU!!
Sally Anderson
Katrien Notebaert Thank you! So glad you loved it and I appreciate your message 😊 
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Sally you are a fabulous Teacher! Beautiful flow, clear explanations. I feel fantastic! This class was a little different to my usual go to. Thanks so much!! 🙏💖
Alastair and Rose
Great class to loosen up after a long day driving! Thanks! Needed those shoulder rolls! 
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Sally, this was a perfect way to infuse a fast-paced week at the office with some movement, stretching, and mindfulness. I will incorporate some of these movements into my hourly 'desk breaks.'
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BRILLIANT!!!! thank you so much for inspiration !
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