Hydration Mat Class<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5147

Hydration Mat Class
Sally Anderson
Class 5147

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Watched this last night and knew it would be great for today since I did a kettlebell class yesterday.  Perfect, invigorating, yet loosened a lot in my body.  I have a ways to go with mobility in both shoulders and legs but can already see how this would gradually loosen me up.   I’m putting it into a regular rotation for myself.  Thanks for filming it!  I get a lot out of your classes.
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that was lovely. exactly what I needed. 
Sally Anderson
Lori What a great message to get Lori. These are all the things I'd hope the class gives you - I'm so delighted! 🤗 
Sally Anderson
Jacqueline L  🙏  Wonderful! Love hearing it did the trick 😊 
Wonderful class and subtle cues. Loved the micro movements which flowed into bigger movements, with varying pace and flow. The pumping segments I believe are great to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems within the body- which I guess is the goal of the name of the class, to hydrate and lubricate the tissues and joints. Thanks for offering this class on Pilates Anytime- look forward to more "hydrating" classes.
Sally Anderson
Catherine M Thank you. You are spot on - these movements stimulate the lymphatic system while also creating the pump for fluids into and around cells. So it's a win every which way - lymph flushing, circulation and tissue hydration! 🥳  I have a Reformer Hydration class coming out soon on Pilates Anytime that I hope you'll like too. Thanks again for taking the class and your message.
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Thanks Sally for sharing your thoughts and for offering new, innovative class themes and areas of focus! I look forward to the upcoming Reformer Hydration class! 
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Enjoyed this one and feel great!
Sally Anderson
Marissa So good to hear, thank you!  🙏 ☺️
Lina S
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I enjoyed this mobility workout. I feel energized. I suppose pumping is a way to activate blood flow as well as lymphatic flow. Why twisting is hydrating by nature? Is it its action on blood flow?
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