Hydration Reformer Class<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5148

Hydration Reformer Class
Sally Anderson
Class 5148

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Really loved that class. Thank you
Sally Anderson
Terese S Thank you for taking the class and your message - nice to wake up to this morning! 😊 
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I loved this class!
Sally Anderson
Cheryl I'm so glad, thank you! 😊 
Interesting how ten years ago ANYONE  who changed the choreography   had pushback and now all the videos are jus modifications and variation of Joe's complex  choreography
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What a great flow - I feel totally refreshed and pumped up.  Thank you!
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Thanks Sal, loved it xx
Sally Anderson
Micheala K Hi! 🙏 We finally got a session together for 2022 .. 😉 xx
Sally Anderson
Susan R  Wonderful! That's just how I'd hope you feel after the class - yay! Thanks for doing it  😊 
I had trouble with the recording in the last 10 mins - continually skipping to the end... so I had to start it again and find my place in the video. After 5 times, gave up and didn't finish the class. It's never happened with any PA videos before.......
Otherwise, loved what I managed to do tho. Thanks Sally - great to have the Aussies represented on PA!

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