Posture Plus Mat Class<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5151

Posture Plus Mat Class
Sally Anderson
Class 5151

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Where can the Spine Arc be acquired?
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Linda H ~ Here are the Arcs that Sally used but you can also use Arcs from other manufacturers if you already have one. I hope this helps!
Sally Anderson
Hi Linda and Gia. Thanks for popping the shop link up Gia - perfect. As you say, Baby Arcs or similar from other manufacturers do the trick. The Arc I use in the PosturePlus class is the Reach Posture Arc .. we can always look at how much it costs for shipping to CA depending on how many you would want, but shipping costs might be prohibitive. Happy to have our team check it out though if you prefer.  You can buy 'Ab Mats' quite widely that work well - just a bit lower than our Posture Arc but same as our low arc version - particularly good for anyone with less range. Here's example -  There's alot of companies that distribute these. Best wishes, Sally :) 
Fern K
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This class is wonderful for finding openness and length in the neck and upper back! Perfect options for counteracting tech neck. Thank you, Sally! And thanks to Sally and Gia for the Arc and AbMat information.
Sally Anderson
Fern K Thank you! Love hearing that the class does the trick .. and that our arc info helps 😊 🙏 
Helen W
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I really enjoyed this, thank you. I used a half roller and it worked quite well :)
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Thank you for this amazing class. I am a Pilates instructor with a pinched nerve in my cervical spine that affects this area. InPhysical Therapy, we focus on postural exercises. This will help me greatly and I can pass on to others! 
Sally Anderson
Helen W Fantastic Helen. Half roller is perfect - glad you worked with that. Thank you for your message 😊 
Sally Anderson
Pamela M I am very happy to hear this class can help you so specifically.  I would love to hear how you progress. Thank you for your message 😊 
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This was SO nice!! Great to see you back on PA, Sally! This felt great in many body and I really enjoyed the pace. The time felt much shorter than 50 minutes! :) Looking forward to ypir upcoming sessions!
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