Men's Health Mat Class<br>Andrew Aroustian<br>Class 5154

Men's Health Mat Class
Andrew Aroustian
Class 5154

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Paolo  G
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Too many mat Workout!!! More equipment please!!!
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Paolo G  You can find hundreds of equipment  workouts on this website, including some older ones by Sally. There are more coming as you can tell from the trailer for this series. It's completely unnecessary to spread negativity like this and for a hardworking instructor to get this as their first comment 👎🏻
Paolo  G
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This is absolutely not a negative review about this Workout! This is just a suggestione for the future Workout in this app! That’all
Paolo G ~ We have more Reformer classes coming, thank you for your patience. Andrew will have one next Wednesday that we hope you enjoy! In the meantime, we are happy to help you find other options as we do have many great Reformer classes to choose from. 
Paolo  G
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Thank you Gia!!! By the way I love this mat Workout!!! No “negativity” in my comment, just a suggestion
Adam M
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As a 52 year old fella, I’m really excited for this series. First class was perfect, and I’m favoriting it for future use. Many thanks.
Adam M I’m so glad you enjoyed this class. Keep an eye out for more coming your way! 
Paolo G absolutely! I filmed a Men’s Health Reformer class which is landing next week. Looking forward to everyone checking it out.
Paolo  G
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Great news!!! Thanks
Tammy C
THANK YOU! That was super cool. I would love more mens focused mat as well as reformer. Gratitude!
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