Men's Health Mat Class<br>Andrew Aroustian<br>Class 5154

Men's Health Mat Class
Andrew Aroustian
Class 5154

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Tammy C I’m so glad you enjoyed the class! We definitely have more of this to come with my Reformer class landing next week. 
Victoria Becka
Bravo and thank you Andrew!
I loved this class!! Thank you Andrew🥰
With the sciatic nerve stretch does the nerve get stretched on the straight leg side?
Nancy Meier yes that’s correct. It’s a slight stretch which is great to gently ease into it. Thanks for watching! 
Olya K awesome! 
Victoria Becka pleasure! Thanks for watching Vic!
Thank you Andrew Aroustian! I really liked your instruction style! Good class!
Copycat thankyou! Glad you enjoyed it 
Cherrie W
Great energy ,loved the tone of this class and the clear instruction.Looking forward to more from you Andrew
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