Men's Health Reformer<br>Andrew Aroustian<br>Class 5155

Men's Health Reformer
Andrew Aroustian
Class 5155

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Thank you Andrew- great class- very thoughtful work- I really liked the reverse cats/cows -traction at the end 
Mor S
learnt sooo much from your cues and explanations! excellent workout, made so much sense. 
Kathryn Marshall
Thank you so much for an amazing class - looking forward to seeing more.
Great insight/variations for our male clients ☺️ 

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Loved the short spine variation. Great for keeping the focus on lengthening the lower back. So many guys have tight hips so keeping the knees open during table top a smart move. 
So lovely to work out with you again and to be inspired by you again. Thank you,  Andrew.
This class is so practical and precise. Love it so much ❤️ thank you.
Carla R
What a lovely class! Thank you!!!
Patti S Thank you so much, the cat cows are delicious right?!
Mor S Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. More to come!
Kathryn Marshall Thank you Katherine. Definitely more to come for our male clients. Check out the Men's Health tutorial on the Reach page.
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