Joyful, Energetic Body<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 5161

Joyful, Energetic Body
Regina Santos
Class 5161

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Susanna K
Really love this hope there will be soon more of your classes on the mat!
Thanks Regina- that was a fast, energetic class!
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Regina, your classes really help me stay grounded within my practice while feeling joy and inspiration while working through the exercises. I feel aligned with my higher self after taking your class. THANK YOU!
Rachel C
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I have been working with all your classes since the start of the year - love them all - and have done this last class today - and able to execute all the exercises. You are so postive to work with and I feel so much better for just 35 minutes work! Thank you
Regina Santos
Debbie Hi!! Thank you so much for going through the classes, I'm so happy they all resonate for you. The work really speaks for itself, right? If there's anything I can do to support your practice, please stay in touch! I'm @wellbeingwithreg on Instagram! With gratitude, Regina
Regina Santos
Rachel C Hi! Thank you so much for taking my classes this year! Yeah! I'm so grateful they are supporting your practice - the work is truly amazing, isn't it? Please stay in touch and I hope to continue being helpful to you! @wellbeingwithreg on IG! Warmest wishes in gratitude, Regina
Mikaela  L
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I love it! I feel so vitalized. Thank you!
Regina Santos
Mikaela L Thank you so much for taking the class! I look forward to staying connected with you! 

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