Joyful, Energetic Body<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 5161

Joyful, Energetic Body
Regina Santos
Class 5161

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 I like it a lot, as I liked the first ones. But wasn't it the same series?
Regina Santos
mimito Thanks for working out with me!! Sure, most exercises and order were the same, but what we did was deepened our learning and expanded perspectives within the classical work. From the first to this last one, we built on the previous class, fine tuning the way we looked at the work in the Contrology order as I learned them and progressing our pace to flow. We also broke down some of the more challenging exercises in the order and then executed them as we would in this last class. I wanted this to be a series of classes that would help make the classical work accessible for all. 
Annie R
Loved the full series and the repitition but 'deeper' work.
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Wonderful! You and the work, thank you Regina and wishing us all a happy and very healthy New Year!!😘
Regina Santos
Annie R I love that this has helped you deepen the work!! thanks so much for coming along the ride :)  
Regina Santos
Rosemary Thank you so much for working out with me! Yes, wishing all of us a joyous, healthy and prosperous New Year!!  
Eduardo M
The lst video has  bug
Hi Eduardo M! Thanks for contacting us. I am sorry you are experiencing an issue with the video. Please contact us at and I would be happy to troubleshoot this with you. 
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Great practice! Got my entire body to move and feels great after it! Thanks!
Regina Santos
Ayala S Thank you for working out with me!! 
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