Advanced Cadillac Connection<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5166

Advanced Cadillac Connection
Lesley Logan
Class 5166

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Tammy W yay! SO glad you enjoyed this workout! I do a little more explaining in the Intermediate class I did that this one builds on. So the Thass® theme builds on itself. The Thass® is the musles around your thigh (excluding your hip flexors/quads). These connections help you connect your legs to your center. Hope this helps! Thanks for taking class with me and hope you can check out the others. xx
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Thank you soo much for this Thass Series Lesley! My back body loves you. My gait has improved, I'm stronger, and I have new cues for my classes! I love this series. Definitely a favorite of mine. 10/10 recommend.
Adama omg yass! day made! Thank you so much! I'm so stoked for you, your back body, your gait and your peeps! xx~LL 
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Thank you! I really enjoy your classes and cute sense of humor♥️
Tammy W Awe thanks Tammy! Makes me so happy to hear this. xx~LL 
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