Advanced Wunda Chair<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5169

Advanced Wunda Chair
Lesley Logan
Class 5169

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Loved it, made that Thas work !
Jackie H WOOHOO! music to my ears!!!
Love, love, love this thass workout!  It may be the deepest I've ever been connected to my thass!  Thanks so much Lesley.
Marge T WOW! how fun is that! Thanks for taking this class with me xx~LL
Jacquie W
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Thanks for the Wundachair class! Love the Wundachair.
Nice challenging level and good cuing. Love the word Thass. My Master instructor Connie Borho, (who is the BEST) has been using that term for years. Great memories of all the years she spent mentoring me, and so many others.
Jacquie W I love it too!! Glad you enjoyed it xx
Clare Westwood awe love this! thank you for sharing xx
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Amazing workout, thanks so much!
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OK not going to lie,  I’ve been avoiding this class because I knew it was going to be a challenge! But… I finally did it! Thankfully no one was watching as I attempted the one leg tendon stretch or horse back. Thank you Leslie for the challenge! You move beautifully! 
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