Advanced Wunda Chair<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5169

Advanced Wunda Chair
Lesley Logan
Class 5169

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Great coaching and fun personality
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So creative and challenging thank you Leslie!
cesar  awe thank you! Glad you enjoyed it xx
Meg wonderful! thank you so much for sharing this xx
Linda B my pleasure!!! 
Connie M haha this made me laugh! The wunda is so tough isn't it! I made my own self sore lol. I hope you can come back to again soon and see how far you've come xx
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Thanks Lesley! That’s the thassiest one yet!
Kerri Ann S
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I just met my favorite teacher...and I've been teaching for 20 years! Thank you Lesley Logan!  The cues were incredibley effective and you made me laugh so many times.  Love your vibe. !  Thank you...from the bottom of my THASS!!
Summer G yass love love love
Kerri Ann S OMG yass! You're welcome from the bottom of my Thass® hahah! You made my day! thanks so much xx
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