Zesty Magic Circle
Lesley Logan
Class 5171

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I really enjoyed the detailed nuances to this classical workout. Fun!
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I enjoyed your class. Thank  you.
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Alisha E yay! That makes me so happy to hear! xx~LL
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Norita yass! Day made xx~LL
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Wow thank you Lesley - great class and I finally “got” rocking… Yay!!!!
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Sue B yass! that is absolutely wonderful!!!
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Can see TPC training shining bright in this detailed workout. Well done Lesley Logan  !
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Thank you so much Lesley, I absolutely LOVED all the movements and cues. I found connecting to my glutes really helped with these advanced movements, yay! I appreciate it!
Chiara C :) 
Amy Goeldner woohoo!! thats exactly what I wanted xx
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