20-Minute Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 5181

20-Minute Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 5181

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Aimee Fitzgerald
That felt perfect! Thanks!
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Amazing! Next up: Can we PLEASE PLEASE have the next in the series "My favorite things to do in 30 minutes" ??????  And then yes, probably after that, 45!!!   Thank you!
Frances K that is a wonderful idea!  I will certainly try!
Such a perfect, quick flow...feel totally energized and relaxed. Thank you, Meredith! 
Chuck E thank YOU!
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Absolutely loved this! Body was feeling sore but still wanted to get some movement in... this was perfect.
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Best 20 minutes thank you
Jennifer H thank YOU!!
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Perfect at 7am before a day of teaching! Thank you! 
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