Moving with Intention<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 5184

Moving with Intention
Meredith Rogers
Class 5184

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Thank very much!!! Meredith..... Yo estoy agradecida por verte otro Año Nuevo en mi pantalla. Ojala un año pueda conocer Pilates Anytime en directo. No dejes de soñar aunque el mundo quiera estar loco.....
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Wonderful meditative flow.  Strong, yet fluid.  Needed this “centering” during these hectic times!
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Happy New Year, Meredith! I always look forward to your New Year’s videos! Thank you! 😊
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As usual Meredith created a wonderful flow accompanied by a healthy challenge.  Happy New Year!
Taghrid K
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Thank you so much Meredith for a an amazingly yummy flowy meditative class, just what my body needed after a flight. Happy New Year, I always feel that I meditated after doing your class. 
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A beautiful mindful class! Thank you so much Meredith for this wonderful ending of this crazy year! Your cue’s are amazing as always! Love it! Wishing you a happy new year filled with love and happiness! Warm greetings from Germany
Gisela G
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One of my new favorites!! Happy new year to you Meredith, and to everyone on PilatesAnytime!
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I'll look forward to taking this class with you over and over throughout the year(s). Thank you for such a lovely beginning to the new year.
Samantha T
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Thank you Meredith for this beautiful work and flow. What a nice way to begin the year! I will go back to this one, it is so calming and a mind treat. Happy New Year! 
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From chilly London…brilliant
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