Mat on the Spine Corrector<br>Pat Guyton<br>Class 519

Mat on the Spine Corrector
Pat Guyton
Class 519

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Lovely! Informative and corrective
for me, that I live in Italy, it was wonderful moment to train my self with you Pat. really thank you.
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A. Salomon, I am pleased that this information was useful to you. It is my mission to give as much to you as been given to me by my teachers.
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Hello Monica, How wonderful to be invited into your space and share. Pilates Anytime has given many of us time to share our joy of Pilates. I hope to be able to meet with each of you in person some day!
Thank you Pat I love your teaching style it's great to experience so many different teaching styles here on Pilates anytime. Makes us all better teachers! Thank you again for the great session.
Loved your fun class! I do not have a spine corrector so used my fitness ball and a padded stool.Thanks again -you are a great teacher!
Awesome class. Thanks for including a pilates arc. Wonderful flow of the lesson.
Awesome class!! I was so happy to see you on here with a new class. Thanks
Amazing class with immaculate cueing and crystal clear directions while keeping us moving/making use of each minute. More from Pat. How about a reformer class? Definately the best Pilates Conservatory instructor yet on this site.
Pat is the Founder of Pilates Conservatory!
And! She knows she is welcome back ANYTIME! Right Pat?
PS: We're editing her workshop now. You're gonna love that too!
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