Mat on the Spine Corrector<br>Pat Guyton<br>Class 519

Mat on the Spine Corrector
Pat Guyton
Class 519

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Pat does have immaculate cueing, I agree 100%! Pat doesn't mess around and definitely says it like she sees it. This is one of THE main reasons why she is my mentor and why I chose Pilates Conservatory for much of my advanced level training. I host Pat every year at my studio and she brings more and more to us each time she comes. We are blessed to have someone of this caliber here on PA and I'm every grateful to call her my friend, and my teacher. :)
Best teaching ever! Thank you, I love the Spine Corrector. I took a weekend course with Miss Guyton and Ron Fletcher many years ago in Miami. The Towel work was grueling. Lovely!
Warmest regards, Sue
Yes...thank you - I am inspired by this workout. I replace the SC with a Bosu. Gorgeous stuff - especially loved the side work, Sgl/Dbl Leg Kick, Side leg series, hip opener, criss cross prep, and swan with alt legs....and "acting as if..." Thank you so much!
Hey Jennifer! Great to hear the Bosu worked for this class! Thanks for letting us know.
Really loved the side over series work - can't wait to incorporate that with my clients!! Thanks as always!!!
Hi Leslie, Pilates Anytime is filling a mission and I am proud to be a teacher on this site. I am glad that you enjoyed the class. Thank you for writing.
Hi Liz, The wonderful thing about the spine corrector is the ability to give a class that flows. Pilates teachers need to give more extension exercises and this equipment provides that experience without springs, straps, or anything moveable.
Hi Pele, Kristi is correct. I am the Pilates Conservatory. I am mentoring students who are beginning teachers and also teachers of other lineages who want to expand into other approaches. I was fortunate to have many good teachers in my life and I want to share the knowledge that they gave to me.
Hi Sue, It is great to have you back as a student. The beauty of Pilates Anytime is that we can be with great teachers anytime and anywhere. Thank you for your kind words.
Hi Jennifer! Way to go! If I inspired you to take your personal teaching into another dimension, then we both win.
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