Additional Abs<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 52

Additional Abs
Kristi Cooper
Class 52

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Awesome challenge! Quick and effective! Thanks
You bet Amy!
Any suggestions on how to get better at neck pulls? I feel like I can never do them even though I am getting strong in all other movements.

Hi Emily ~ Neck Pull is a tough one! You'll find a link to a short video of me teaching Neck Pull to Meredith Rogers below. In the video, I try to offer helpful hints and suggestions. There is also an ongoing discussion on this very question in the "Instructors corner" section of the forums. The fact is it is one of those exercises that takes time and the willingness to not worry about it being perfect as you practice.
Good Luck!

Neck Pull
Lauren P
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Emily - go to the beginner center and look for "a towel for low back tightness" exercise. Try implementing it with the neck pull and see if it helps you - it was an incredible breakthrough for me after loads of experimenting.
too easy
Short but sweet.
wow that was tough- thanks!!!
Great one to fit in anytime Kristy, thanks for a fun challenge
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Fun, love to work my abs and this was the perfect class for it.
Thanks so much.
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