Additional Abs<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 52

Additional Abs
Kristi Cooper
Class 52

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Thank you for an amazing ab workout! Perfect after a run :)
I cannot believe I got that deep of a workout in 15 minutes! I appreciate the focus and the verbal direction--this is going on my favorites :)
Love the additional abs routine! I felt challenged in a good way. Thank you for your expertise.
Candace, Tania, Sara and Valerie! Thank you for looking back into the "archives" and seeing/feeling the workout despite the bad lighting and the curtain!
This video was great! To the point and NO mindless chatter!
Ah! Fantastic Dawn! You found one!
I must tell you, in all seriousness, I am often called out for talking too much. I'm thrilled that this one didn't strike you that way. Thank you.
That was an awesome challenge and a great goal to make it all the way through without rest. I was close!! Thank you Kristi.
Thanks Sarah! Get it next time!
Julibeth J
Great no-nonsense workout that made me sweat. The video may have been recorded some time ago, but the workout is timeless :)
Thank you Julibeth. It was a long time ago, that we recorded this video (one of our first). I'm so glad you could see past the curtain and our learning curve!
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