Day 2: Creative Combinations<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 5202

Day 2: Creative Combinations
Courtney Miller
Class 5202

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Really enjoying this challenge…again a few modifications as felt this in my wrists after three consecutive days of Pilates after a break but feeling stroking afterwards! 
Love the moves that bring us from floor to standing quickly! Thank you!
Kathy W
Enjoyed that so much!  Loved the combos and just enough challenge for a lunch time workout between clients 👌 Thankyou xx
Saada A
Super fun!
Saada A
Super fun!
Saada A
Super fun!
Anna B
Courtney, this series is awesome. The classes are brief but boy, do they pack a punch! Thank you so much for such a fun and effective program.
Loved this so much Courtney Miller, your workouts are the best I always feel challenged and love your creative choreography! :)
So good! Combinations are also brain exercises!
Brandi F
Very fun and challenging! Time flew with all the change ups!
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