Day 2: Creative Combinations<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 5202

Day 2: Creative Combinations
Courtney Miller
Class 5202

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So much fun! Love the combos
Lina S
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Great idea to present two exercises then their combination which feel different. Nice variety of exercises!
Caroline Close
So good!
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Love Courtney’s classes! 
Yes, I enjoyed the combos too. And changing levels. 
Carolyn D
Another great class Courtney!  I love the combos and the concept of this series.  I am traveling for the holiday this week (as I am sure others are), this series is perfect for times when we do not have our equipment!  I also love you getting back to some intermediate classes - they are PLENTY challenging!  Would love to see a similar series on the reformer, especially a combo class!  
Annie R
Ditto on the comment re series on the reformer - PLEAAAASSSE.   Love your work.
I definitely broke a sweat.  Great shoulder stability work, lots of down and up to work on balance and heart rate.  I feel good!!!
Love it. ! Challenging
Cheryl Z
whew what a workout TU
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