Reformer on the Cadillac<br>Kara Wily<br>Class 521

Reformer on the Cadillac
Kara Wily
Class 521

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So lovely! Ms. Wily moves beautifully. She makes the rowings and arm work look flowing and those are so hard!
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That was an awesome class Kara!
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Thanks! Good ideas and nice flow
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Great class! Thanks so much-loved the flow-lots accomplished in just about 1/2 hour!
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Nice to be with you guys! Thanks for joining!
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Loved all the exercises and sequencing, but felt it was a bit quick. Especially through the ballet stretches... Thank you!!!! :)
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Jai- thanks! Yes, I would agree, you could spend some extra time in the ballet stretches, but there is also something to be gained from moving from one stretch to the other without interruption--I think different approaches, for different days helps me.
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Wow, beautifully done. Thank you!
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This is my first time viewing you Kara. I love your concise clear approach.
Kerry and Jenny, thanks very much. It is nice to know you both.
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