Reformer Ball Flow<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 5227

Reformer Ball Flow
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 5227

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Maria S
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My new favorite play/work out !  Loved it ❤️
Michele S
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Thank you for making this wonderful class. I appreciate all the good information and work!
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That was FABULOUS!!!
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Love the ‘be patient and curious’ cues. Thanks Sarah 
Annie R
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Love the reformer -love the ball - together even better.  Thank you great class.
Yay Maria S...Thank you for playing!! Take care:) 
Thank you Michele S !
Thank you Trinjia D !
Hi CJ Z, It really is amazing what can be achieved when both patient and curious.  I am so pleased to know that suggestion worked for you.  Take care:) 
Hi Annie R,  Wonderful!  Perhaps do more of this combo.  Take care:) 
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