Side Body and Hip Opening<br>Erin Wilson<br>Class 5243

Side Body and Hip Opening
Erin Wilson
Class 5243

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Really good class. I am coming back to Pilates after (stupidly) staying away for too long. I’m dipping into many different classes - and Erin’s tuition is fab. Beautifully, clearly, instructed. 
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Nice pace and explanations 👍🇩🇰
Meira H
Great class. I like the pace and use of pillows. I was feeling a lot tightness in my lower back before this class and now it feels a lot better :) 
Lina S
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Nice stretching and grounding class.
Angie N
Just what I needed.  Thank u!
Julie Lloyd
This was beautiful, thank you Erin. Adding this one to my favourites list that is for sure!!
Ray Thank you so much for taking the class 🙏🏻. So happy you are practicing again! Thank you for your feedback 😊
Dorthe V thank you for taking the class! I am so happy you enjoyed it 🙏🏻
Meira H that’s wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and for taking the class 🙏🏻
Lina S thank you! So happy you enjoyed it 😊
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