Introducing ELDOA<br>Ilaria Cavagna<br>Class 5262

Introducing ELDOA
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 5262

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Hilde H
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My body needed this class! Such hard work for me, but it feels amazing. Thank you.
I would love to see PA do a course/playlist for ELDOA. This was amazing but intense!
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Thank you so much to bringing ELDOA to this platform! Also thank you for your nice presentation!
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A question about the workout: you finish with legs on the wall. How about hand on the wall?
I tried standing sideways to the wall one arm stretched sideways hand on the wall flexed fingers facing up other arm hanging on side  and found that position very effective on balancing my shoulder.
Would these exercises be safe for someone with osteoporosis ? Thanks
Hilde H Yes Hilde! The work is very hard (for everyone) but so rewarding and amazing for the body! Keep practicing and you'll feel even better!
Savannah Jade Dobbs Thank you Savannah! Glad you like it! ELDOA is a great complement to Pilates! 🙌🏻
Copycat Thank you! And thank you @pilatesanytime 🙏🏼
Copycat hi! I messaged you privately because I have a hard time picturing your pose. I'll be more specific if you can send me a picture but when I can share is that those posture are very specific to the joint that we are working on and the one with the legs at the wall is for L5-S1. Having said that we work a lot with factors of progressions that prepare these poses and from what I grasp the position that you are describing could be a great factor of progression for it and great to improve the awareness as well. Love receiving these feedback! Let me know how you feel as you repeat this class!
Diane S Hi Diane! Yes! These are safe and actually beneficial for osteoporosis ! 🙌🏻
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