Introducing ELDOA<br>Ilaria Cavagna<br>Class 5262

Introducing ELDOA
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 5262

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I loved the class and introduction to Eldoa.  I struggle with thoracic and shoulder mobility and so felt restricted in range. I'm eager to practice to see if it'll help and therefore help with my pilates practice. Ilaria, thanks for your clear and detailed teaching.
love your work :)
Beverly L Hi Beverly! Thank you for your feedback. Many of the exercises of the warm up and the eldoa postures will help you improve your thoracic and shoulder mobility. Work deeply on the external rotation and the reaching out. Please keep me posted! 🙌🏻
Sofie van der Sommen
I really enjoyed your lesson! You gave the tip that you have to be careful for the nerves. Very good, that is so important with these exercises! For me,  the exercises gave  a lot mobility in my right shoulder I hope to see more classes from you on Pilates anytime! I think your work is a great addition to this platform! Thank you
Vicki S
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Thank you for this! I loved it and it was just what I needed . Please do more of these!
Sofie van der Sommen Thank you Sofie for your feedback! 🙏🏼 ELDOA helps with range of motion but it also strengthens the deep muscles of the back so that we can find the same range of motion in other places. Happy you enjoyed the class! 
Vicki S Wonderful! 🙌🏻 Thank you Vicki. Will do 😉
Wonderful class Ilaria, thank you very much. I found it challenging and my back felt wonderful afterwards. I can still feel the deep work a day later. It would be great to have more Eldoa classes in this platform. 
Aurora D So happy Aurora!  As you repeat it, the work  will feel a little easier but it will remain challenging at the same time, because you will be more precise in the execution it will still be hard! Thank you for the feedback 🙏🏼
Rina S
I loved this. I hope there will be more.
Rina S Fantastic! 🙌🏻 Happy you like it Rina.
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