Advanced Reformer<br>Ilaria Cavagna<br>Class 5264

Advanced Reformer
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 5264

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Routines ok, but too fast-paced for me, no time to savor the movement.
Hi Andy L, thanks for your comment. We have other Advanced Reformer classes with a slower pace. If you need recommendations please email 
Shona Croft
Love love loved it. Love the pace too. Obviously you need to know the exercises.  I need to work on star and tendon stretch leg side/back. Well this is the inspiration! Fabulous it’s in my faves. 
Andy L I'm sorry about that Andy. Sometimes I like to break down my workouts so that I can work on 1 section at a time. Maybe that could help... Apologies for the inconvenience.
Shona Croft Wonderful Shona! This two exercises will help one another! Keep me posted and let me know how it goes! 🙌🏻 
Ravid P
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Beautifuly done. Excellent explanations and mesmerizing demonstration. Simple, clear and focused. Loved it, Ilaria!
Alessia P
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Wow Ilaria, 
Wonderful class. Precision, cueing, efficient combinations and transitions, great athletic performance!
Ravid P Thank you Ravid. 🙏🏼 Very happy you like this class!
Alessia P Thank you Alessia! 😘 Grazie 😉
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Loved it. I paused and rewound a few times so that I could take some time on some of the more complicated movements. Challenging and fun. Great cueing. I'm looking forward to doing it again and again and being able to stay on pace! 
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