What is Pilates?<br>Kristi C. & Maria L.<br>Discussion 5279

What is Pilates?
Kristi C. & Maria L.
Discussion 5279

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60 years ago a Pilates session was exercise and almost a Thai massage!! I miss it.  Today  no one  touches clients  and most don't  want to be touch and moved manually due to Covid and Metoo# etc. 
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Very interesting conversation. I had never hard of Lagree before (not sure if we have it here in the Uk) but good to listen all the same. Think Sebastien was very clear about his method verses Pilates on the Reformer & his motivation for designing the equipment & method. Also think Maria was great. Very open minded about the differences & not feeling threatened by Lagree (because we shouldn't be) but completely agree with her concerns around people thinking Pilates is the same as Lagree especially if people teaching the Lagree Method market themselves under the same heading as Pilates. Anyway thank you Kristi for hosting the chat.
Very interesting video. I think it’s good to be clear about what different names mean. I have always done a lot of sport and fitness. I started Pilates three years ago when I hurt my back and with hindsight I should have done so earlier. I still do a challenging Pilates mat session at least every other day. I try out lots of different instructors on Pilates Anytime but I find it very personal even online so I always come back to a few favourites. And most days I also do a weights session or a run/kayak/bike session. Pilates makes me feel good and it gives me confidence that I will stay injury-free doing the other more intense sessions that I love. And together they mean I’m able to do lots of other things at work and play because I feel fit and satisfied. Maybe, if I could only do one session a day, then I would be attracted to the Lagree Method. But FOR ME NOW, doing two very different sessions separately is perfect. I count myself fortunate to be able to make that choice.
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WOW, what a conversation. Thank you Kristi, Maria & Sebastien for your candor...as a Pilates Instructor in my 21st year of teaching and former studio owner this was really fascinating stuff & I think essential viewing for anyone with a keen interest in pondering that eternal question, "What is Pilates"? Bravo, you've made my day!
I can talk about this all day! Please share the conversation with other instructors so that we can educate. Thank you for your comment.
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An interesting discussion. Sebastien is a good businessman and uses the established world of Pilates to promote his business. All good, but let's stick to reality. Many moons ago, I was a professional dancer. I can remember a great rivalry between classical ballet and contemporary dance - specifically the work and dance 'system' of Martha Graham. I listened to the late and great Merce Cummingham describe how he was impressed by classical ballet and Graham's technique. He was impressed by ballet's training of the legs. Not that classical ballet does not involve the entire body, but I understand what Cunningham was getting at. Long-winded, but the point is no system can provide all. Having trained and worked as a classical dancer, my eyebrows raise similarly with the seemingly global system of 'Barre' that clearly uses classical ballet to promote itself. Surely, simply go to a ballet class. Lastly, 'movement' is synonymous with being alive in that we are never still. Stillness is relative. As an ex-dancer (ballet), the unison between movement and music is often absent. As an ex-dancer, movement and music are akin to the emphasis on unison breathing and movement. But again, any and all exercise systems are limited!  
Ray- You make some great points and you are right.  No one discipline can do everything.  Even  athletes train with multiple sports to enhance the skill in their  main sport.  When I was dancing the fight was commercial dancer/street dancer vs contemporary.  That  was part of the draw of "So You Think You can Dance".  Most of the truly great dancers could adapt quickly to other styles.   "Stillness is relative".  I love that and will poach it.  I think we need to meet?  Come be my guest at Bodyline if you are ever in LA!!! @bodylinela
Gyl G
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I appreciated this discussion as I had been interested in trying Lagree but was put off by his bad mouthing of Pilates. I did finally try a Lagree class and wasn’t that impressed. Not too much monitoring of people and their form. The instructor just walks around and tells everyone what to do. I observed one class and felt there were a number of people there who shouldn’t be doing it at all and were going to get hurt (I was a personal trainer for over 20 years). I’m older and perhaps this method is more for under 40’s? I do many types of exercise but think I’ll probably stick with Pilates over Lagree at this point.
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As a Pilates instructor and a lover of the gym, I enjoyed the conversation very much.   Coming from the dance world, I learned a lot about my body through Pilates that I didn't know before.  Dancing  wasn't taught that way.  I did feel though, that there wasn't enough muscle work in the exercises.  At the time, I was only taking mat.  
When I was introduced to the apparatuses, of course I felt differently.  I like feeling strong from the inside out and feeling that internal burn (although not often enough for various reasons) and feeling the oneness with my body and my surroundings. 
 I also appreciate building my muscle and feeling strong on the outside especially as an older woman (70) needing to keep my bones and muscle going.  
Thank you very much and lets do more of this.
Colette C
I’m a little late to the party, but absolutely loved this conversation! Thank you so much for providing a great opportunity to discuss the difference between Pilates and Lagree. I’m an instructor in Tampa Florida. We have many Pilates, studios, club, Pilates, knock, offs of club, Pilates, and Lagree. unfortunately the Lageee studio’s teachers sell themselves as Pilates instructors, and the consumers sometimes do not know the difference and end up getting hurt. I took a mega former class and realized it was a great work out, but not for me. Fortunately, with my injuries, I know how to modify, but the instructor never gave me or anyone else instruction on how to modify s certain exercises. Thank you again for a great discussion !
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