Overball Reformer Flow<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 5341

Overball Reformer Flow
Maria Leone
Class 5341

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I am definitely including some of this small ball in my morning class!
Just brilliant Maria. In every way. Thank you! 
Feels amazing, thank you(: 
Miri J
Great class! I love the overball. I did the class after a run so I definitely could feel the burn on the squats.  
Pam K
Fun class - thank you for the variations. Planks with short box and the ball were my favorite!
Sara P
I loved everything, Maria is the best !!
Carolyn D
Loved this class - the rotational work was awesome!  Very creative BUT also effective use of the ball!  Pace is excellent as well.  
Great quick full body workout! I especially liked that box/ball plank series!!
Sandra B
Thank you Maria Leone, one of the best classes in a while, and especially for a 30min long class! Love your cueing, smooth transitions and energy! My body is definitely energized!
Love u workouts and Lv the simplicity and accuracy of u cueing! Really good!
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